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Thursday, 4 February 2016

The time is NOW

You know how they say pray your way into the year? That last day of the year when you have to say what you want into the year and cast away all negative powers. Mind you, it's not everyone that gathered there is actually praying. The Happy New Year sound is what they are waiting for so they can say I was found in the church.

Some don't even press further with more prayers. You think once that prayer has been said that day, you will begin to receive answers. Remember! The kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violence shall take it by force.

You wonder why many fall in and out of love? And still with experiences they've had, they just don't seem to get the right person. The most ignorant thing or maybe one of the most ignorant thing we do is not praying at the right time.
Don't have that conception that when you feel you're ready for relationship or marriage that's when you need to pray. Yes! You will find one but you know when you are just not too sure sometimes.

While growing up, you have this beautiful dream of living on the island or in one of the posh places ever. Being at the top of your career and all. Also a beautiful family. Those are just mere castles built in the air.
If you don't go on your knees and ask God for divine directions, directing your paths he will just be looking at you from up there.

Let me quickly say this. It isn't too late to start praying for the kind of life you want and how you want it. It's never wrong to start praying for the type of spouse you want, their character type that will suit you and even the place you want them from. All these God knows but you still need to ask or else you will just keep drinking pepsi long throat bottle.

Your prayers said through your mouth is the only Major key you have. Pray it through on your knees and see how things will work out.

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