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Monday, 1 February 2016

See The Bigger Picture

Who really are you?

 Sounds like an harassing statement right?  If you don't feel that way then how else do you want to feel? We are in Lagos and one way or the other we've seen bus conductors bullied by their so called "OGA". If he doesn't challenge him back ignoring the fact that there is every chance for a dangerous fight, one might not bow for the other. Thats how it is every day. In this life and Christian race, you cannot afford to be timid.

 Take a cue from the "agberos". There's what they call local gin and to them if they don't take this every morning, then they aren't ready for the days work. That's what challenges them to work and talk like it's no Man's business.

 How often do you dream? I'm not talking about your dreams whenever you sleep. Obviously your goals! Do you wake up each moment and charge yourself? Now you might ask me. What is the "local gin" that you can take to get charged. There's nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING we can do outside CHRIST. Yes you read that well.

He is the real definition of our life as one can't do without a map in a foreign place. Where you're going, you don't know. But where  and how far you've come certainly you are aware of. Congustosulting Christ everyday is the "local gin" we need.
The body of God is three. God the; father and the son and the Holyspirit . The Holy spirit speaks to us but sometimes we are too busy and weak to hear him. Despite our unfaithfulness he NEVER leaves. He's just on a break and wants to see how well you think you know the map.

 We can't see the bigger picture if we don't have Christ in us. Challenge yourself everyday, set new tasks and goals everyday, talk to yourself and the best way to do so is seeing your reflection. THAT'S THE MIRROR. I do this every single day.

Seek him and you will find him. PEACE!!!

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