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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Keeping it 100

In my previous post, I highlighted what a friendship mean and also a relationship. Without friendship, you can't go anywhere. It's almost like moving a car with no gas.
Friendship goes along way in relationship. And the type of friend you choose and keep depends on you.
Depends on you and your character. Most times you find yourself with some friends that are so amazing and you ask yourself why!

It's not majorly you! It's your character and attitude towards them that made them stay and even become incredible friends.
Have you a dog? Although dogs are friendly pet animals but the way you treat them will say whether they reciprocate or not.
It's the same as humans. We humans we like to be treated the way we treat people or maybe not. Not all are the same.

Friendship is the key foundation to a relationship. A relationship could be mutual or the "dating" type. Whichever, the foundation needs to be very strong.

How do you keep it 100?
Don't go for a relationship before friendship. Let me discuss this from the aspect of dating before the mutual one.

You meet a very beautiful lady today. A gorgeous looking and luckily you met her at work. Very hardworking type and immediately you think she's a wife material 2000yds. You approach her at lunch time and finally you exchange contacts.
You can't get your eyes off her because she sits in opposite direction to you. Finally the working hours is over and you can't wait to get home. You put a call through and you discussed for more than half an hour. That's very very cool.
She exhibits some characters that obviously wants you to ask her out.

You're missing something Mr Lover. You've forgotten the friendship parts. Please don't misquote me. I'm not saying it doesn't work. It works and some has even led to marriage. That's because it was ordained. Even yet, they still became friends just that the timing will be short.

Back to that, everything happened so fast and you find yourself on one knee, face tilted up and a ring on your hand. Suddenly the shouting comes "Yes yes yes yes".
Weeks into the engagement she resigned and now you're feeling there's something wrong.
How well do you know her? How good can she name a thousand of your hobbies without missing one out? Have you had the crazy times? The Good and bad?

Every good relationship works out perfect because of the friendship. It's in this friendship you can say so many things and the party gets hurts. Yes that's because you care and want the better for them. It's in friendship you know a while lots of things because the attitudes play out naturally without being told.

Take for instance, you as a lady have a male friend. Your male friend, whenever asleep doesn't like picking calls. He hates being disturbed and all. The day he slams you on the phone, that you won't forget. That's natural.

But he's your boyfriend and you don't know this character displayed by him. When you call while he's asleep, he will want to answer your call so as to avoid offending you one way or the other. A d then his mood and tone says a lot.

Its through this friendship you know if you will love to fall into a relationship with the person you're with. Your crush.
Friendship says a lot peeps. And don't let us mistake relationship before friendship.

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