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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

First born are first cases.

You ever seen someone driving a car from the 60s? Yes! They might look so rickety and old fashioned but sometimes they are more effective than some modern cars. And I'm not referring to the body structure but the engine functionality.

I must say that having parents from the 60s and 70s are the best. Seriously, I sometime ponder on how our generation would parent a child. Parenting in the future generation might just be... I don't know but let's see as Jesus tarries.

When you have parents from way back, you get to enjoy wonderful stories, beautiful throw back pictures, great advice's and all that. But then their naïve could be so annoying. Some of our parents are "one way". When I say one way I mean its either you do it that way or not.

Well, they've forgotten how technology has grown so fast. I can recall how many years I had to grind pepper with that stone. Not until after much convictions she bought a blender. So don't blame me when you shake my hands and they seem rough. Its the natural blessings from God.

The joy of every parent is to see their children succeed and even go farther places than they could. And yes we appreciate all their efforts from them towards us. When their bundle of joy arrives town, first bundle of joy at that. They tend to shower all kinds of affection and intimacy with him/her. Think of chocolates and all. And the most important, is for them not to feel inferior in any way.

Growing up, as the first child you are enjoying every bit of the fun and excitement. Don't forget the chastising too. For every parent that doesn't chastise their child, something is wrong somewhere. And them they build you and teach you so hard that it almost seem like you're the only child in the world. And then, the second seed arrives.

This is where the "there are two things" involved plays a big role. If you check through, children born into the old parents home mostly have this king proximity gap of age difference between the siblings. Obvious reasons which I would love to state here but hang on. Not now.

Its either you're free or you are not. When you're free is when the age difference between you and your other siblings are not much. Yes! That's very correct.

Where you are not free is when the vice versa of the above happens. Let's say like 5-6 or more age difference.

The effort and beatings and all that you sapped from them just seem to vanish not completely. You ever ask yourself why? It's because you've become a mirror and an image for someone else. They just feel like since you were taught and brought up well, you pass that on to your sibling(s) which is cool. But parents need to know that NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE TAUGHT
We can't just immediately turn parents to our siblings. And when its seems like they want to be stubborn, you just ignore. And not all times we ignore. We feel infuriated and have to cane them so hard not even knowing sometimes.

To me, in as much as you can choose and distinguish your left from your right, what I need is just to straighten your crooked ways.

But that doesn't seem that way to our parents. Once they see an unfamiliar habits displayed by your siblings, they believe they copied it from you the first child which is not always the case. And then they begin to chastise without even bothering to find out the root cause. You just have to watch what you wear, where you go even if they aren't parties.

I give you an instance; I ordered for a cloth online and when it arrived I just signed the papers and was too busy to check if its the right thing or not. Two days later, I decided to wear the cloth and I noticed the pants(trouser) was too baggy. Gosh! I went to my tailor and gave him directions on what to do. Same day I collected it and it turned to be the perfect thing I needed.

Days later, my younger brother who noticed how I complained and all also went to trim his school trouser. Funny enough I didn't notice but my mum did.

Immediately she said it's because I did mine like that. And I was there just standing like she didn't know the reason why I had to do that. After explaining and even giving me go ahead?

Immediately my Dad told him to return the trouser back to its original shape which he concurred. Unknowingly, the following day was inspection. If he had t listened, definitely he would have been punished.


Yes we always need to lay good example but yet at the same time we shouldn't be too quick to judge the first child.

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